2010 FFA Story Contest Winners

2010: “My Grandparents”

My granddad is retired from the Western Maryland Railroad. He retired in 1985 after his 38 years of service. He loved his job very well working on the railroad. His job on the railroad was an engineer, driving the train. Some of the things that he enjoys to do are: raising a garden, feeding the […]

2010: “Grandma As a Young Girl”

As a young girl my grandma had a lot of responsibility, helping take care of her 6 brothers and sisters. They lived in a small house, in the middle of nowhere, where they had not electricity or running water. Farming was their major means for living and everyone had to contribute. My grandma vividly remembers […]

2010 2nd Runner Up Story: “When Grandma Was Young”

Sixty-five years ago, there was a young girl living during the time of the Depression. That woman is now my grandmother. Eliza, 8 years old at the time, lived in a little town in West Virginia named Dailey. At this time during the Depression is when the Homestead was built, and this is where my […]

2010: “My Grandfather, Jerry”

My grandfather’s story starts and will end on a farm, though the work of a farm is never ending. Jerry Harris was born in his home on October 2nd of 1950. This was the time when everyone had a large house and four-wheel drive trucks, girls always wore dresses, kids walked to one room schools […]