2009 FFA Story Contest Winners

2009 Story Grand Prize Winner: “Lassie and the Ducks”

When my grandpa was young, he never lived on a farm. He lived in a house on the fringes of town with a few scattered neighbors. The only animals they had were their ducks and their dog, Lassie. Lassie was a Border Collie that they had trained to herd their ducks. They raised their ducks […]

2009 1st Runner Up Story: “My Farm Experiences”

My dad lived in downtown Ripley growing up as a kid, but he always enjoyed working on his uncle’s farm and these are some of his fondest memories. I don’t know how old I was at the time but one of the earliest memories of being on a farm was in the milk house with […]

2009 2nd Runner Up Story: “Singing Conventions”

When I was very young, in the early 1930’s we lived in the country on a small farm. I was an only child, and looked forward to going places where there were other children. One of the places I generally liked to go was church. My family attended a small country church, where everybody knew […]

2009 3rd Runner Up Story: “The Cowboy”

My great uncle loves to tel! stories. Having grown up on a working farm, many of the tales he tells relate to agricultural living. The one that stands out the most in my mind is the story about his cow, Rosie. Obviously, life was much simpler back in his day. Children got their amusement from elements […]

Life on the Farm was Rough

Life on the farm was rough back around the turn of the century.  The men, women and children all worked from daylight until dark.  They supplied all their needs right there on the farm.  They grew a large portion of their food, corn, potatoes, beets carrots and bean.  They planted corn because it had several […]