Country Roads Cook-Off

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In today’s fast-paced world, it can often be argued that we have forgotten about many important aspects of life, and that in pushing our obsession with what is most convenient, we have lost sight of critical traditions and values. The result is an unintentional, yet measurably adverse effect on our families, our communities–and somewhat surprisingly even on our community’s economy.

Country Roads Cook-Offs™ help us to remember those traditions and values while pulling together community members for a friendly afternoon of fun and competition.

A Country Roads Cook-Off™ brings together local amateur chefs in a friendly environment, to promote cooking that uses local foods and their family’s favorite recipes–or sometimes century-old food traditions. The prospect of showcasing their cooking skills and favorite recipes often brings out the cooks’ competitive side and so like the county fair, the Country Roads Cook-Off™ provides the opportunity to have their culinary achievements judged and to win both recognition and prizes.

The FARM2U Collaborative™, in its efforts to ensure that the important
life lessons don’t get lost, introduced the concept of the Country Roads
Cook-Off™ in the summer of 2010 as part of the Mountain Lake’s Festival
at Sutton Lake, West Virginia as part of a statewide initiative.