Ag Training Videos

Value Added as a Business Opportunity

Value Added Two Approaches: Charcuterie & Brining and Preserving Vegetables
Chef Nathan Breeding, Main Street Café, Abingdon, VA, discusses the significant differential financial return on value added protein, demonstrates how to prepare various cuts, as well as how to brine and preserve vegetables and fruits.

Starting a Value Added Agricultural Enterprise
Wes Davis, a Mason County, WV, high school student describes his start-up business and marketing strategies including harnessing earned media as a potent marketing tool.

Value-Added Marketing and Branding
Calvin Riggleman, Gourmet Central Specialty Foods, Romney, WV, describes and demonstrates his marketing and branding strategies/techniques.
Video  Available 11/12/13
Print  Available 11/12/13

Producing and Marketing Specialty Meats
Chef Dale Hawkins and Glen Hawkins (Upshur County WV), IGA store owner and originator of the Ground-Hawg sausage brand, describe their branding and marketing strategies.
Video  Available 10/10/13
Print  Available 10/10/13

Brining and Pickling Beef
Everett O’Flaherty from Swift Level Farms, Greenbrier County, WV, demonstrates preserving and value added techniques for beef.
Video:  Available 10/25/13
Print:   Available 10/25/13

Value Added Products with Chef Harv Christie
Chef to Farmer–Growing the small farm with sustainable practices and profits
Chef Harv Christie, Gourmet Central Specialty Foods, Romney, WV, demonstrates how to make the small farm more profitable with value added by charging a higher price for our product when we provide the customer with an extra service that they value.

Marketing your Value Added Products with the late Chef Harv Christie
Chef Harv Christie, Gourmet Central Specialty Foods, Romney, WV, describes marketing as the “secret ingredient” for many prosperous small farms, with tips and strategies to increase the small farm bottom line and create a network of returning buyers.

Value Added – Highlights and Pitfalls
Stacey Young, Uncle Bunk’s Specialty Foods, WV, describes the Uncle Bunks marketing and branding strategies and the challenges of finding ingredients locally at the right price point.
Video:  Available 11/12/13
Print: Available 11/12/13

Agricultural Production

Gary Rapking, WVU Extension, demonstrates how to use a row shaper including such topics as: plastic film mulches, drip irrigation tape, and row covers.

Season extension

High Tunnel – easy to assemble/inexpensive design and assembly
Gene Hovatter, Barbour County HS, WV Ag teacher, along with two students, demonstrates the process of assembling a high tunnel he designed.

High Tunnel – easy to assemble/inexpensive design
Ray Freeman, Upshur County HS, WV Ag teacher and two of his students, demonstrates the process of assembling a high tunnel he designed.

Farm Season Extension
Anthony Flaccavento, founding member of Appalachian Sustainable Development and Abingdon Farmers Market in Abingdon, VA, demonstrates the importance of careful planning to get the greatest financial return from high tunnels, and provides insights into building the soil on his Abingdon, VA farm.


Product Research and Development

What is Sustainable Agriculture?
A hands-on approach to sustainable agriculture presented by leaders in the field: a WVU Extension Service Director, a WVU Professor of Agricultural Marketing & Economics and a WVU Professor of Horticulture who is a specialist in high tunnel/“hoop houses.”

Farm to Table:  A Chef’s Perspective
Sustainable Agriculture and Value Added Products with Chef Dale Hawkins
Chef Dale Hawkins, Fish Hawk Acre Farms CSA, describes the impact of sustainable agriculture from the farm to the kitchen to the table and how chefs’ insisting on the freshest farm products effects the “buy-local” direct market movement.