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The Top Advantages of Selling Your Products on Online Marketplaces in India

You’ve decided to expand your online store but you are not sure if selling your products on online marketplaces is the right decision for your Indian-based business? Read and discover the top benefits of selling on ecommerce marketplaces!

Online marketplaces allow you to sell your products without building an online store. Selling through such marketplaces provides an excellent business opportunity with low investment costs. Amazon and eBay are two examples of well-established and popular online marketplaces.


The Advantages of Selling on Online Marketplaces

The potential benefits to be gained by deciding to sell your products on online marketplaces usually vary between businesses and industries.

We’ve summarized some of the potential advantages of selling on online marketplaces in India:

  • It provides an extra sales channel to market and sell your products
  • There are low marketing expenses compared to other sales channels
  • The marketplaces allow new opportunities for international sales
  • They are popular among online customers and offer an easy way to compare products and prices from a single source
  • Selling your products on online marketplaces and being part of an established marketplace builds trust between you and the customers
  • They offer lots of opportunities to establish new business partnerships with traders and suppliers.
  • Positive comments, reviews or feedbacks may give your customers the confidence they need to purchase your products
  • Online marketplaces provide better transparency – the prices, stock levels, and availability are accessible 24/7
  • It is possible to run both your online store and your online marketplace’s account around-the-clock. Issues with international trading hours, as well as, time constraints are removed.

The majority of small business owners in India agree that online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and others have positively impacted their sales. They also believe that online sales are essential to their company’s success.

Many marketplaces provide services that could be beneficial to both small and large businesses. For example, the eBay marketplace recently purchased a data startup to help its sellers increase sellers.

Terapeak is the name of the startup and it recommends the best times to sell products by analyzing demand, supply, and pricing data. The Shopify platform has created an application – Arrive that helps buyers track online purchases on a map by synching their email to the app.

Selling through an online marketplace may provide small businesses with the right tools and opportunities that are usually unreachable to merchants with fewer resources.

Top 5 Online Marketplaces in India

Not sure which online marketplace to use to sell your products? Here are 5 best online marketplaces in India to consider:

  1. Amazon: Amazon is currently the largest online marketplace in India. Across the country, there are hundreds of thousands of sellers and businesses using Amazon products to reach new customers and grow their businesses.
  2. eBay: A multinational e commerce company, focused on both C2C and B2C sales. The company is officially located in San Jose, California and it is a worldwide reliable and trusted website.
  3. CraftsVilla: A very popular Indian-ecommerce marketplace that sells footwear, ethnic apparel, beauty products, fashion accessories, and other lifestyle products. They are based in Mumbai.
  • FabFurnish: An online marketplace for furniture, home decor, and home appliances. Located in Gurgaon, FabFurnish is a content-driven marketplace for selling home products. They deliver across the country and are known for professional customer service and 1-year warranty.
  • Flipkart: This is India’s most popular ecommerce marketplace with over 80 product categories and over 80 million products. The company is officially registered in Singapore.

We hope we’ve convinced you that selling your products on an Indian marketplace will help your business grow. If you are a beginner start with one marketplace and if everything goes by the plan expand your business on two or more marketplaces.