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Marketing is the central pillar of any venture. When selling products online or offline, you must invest your time and cash in the advertisement, branding, and promotions. No one will come to your store unless you inform them about its existence. With the rising online competitiveness, any store owner needs to develop multiple marketing approaches to enable them to draw more traffic and conversion rates than their rivals. One way to do this is ensuring you rank in the Google result positions.

Nevertheless, this is not an easy thing. But Google Shopping is providing a shortcut to this destiny. Running a Shopping or PLA ads helps you to stay ahead of your competitors by scoring better ranks. However, it is essential to understand the concept and what it entails. This article presents the 3 essential components of Google Shopping. Here they are:

Google Ads

This is the central pillar of your shopping ads. It is the place for creating and managing your ad campaigns. The platform comes with an array of tools for analyzing and reporting the performance of your campaigns. Also, it has several ways of managing and structuring your Google Shopping ads to ensure they are effective. Hence, it is essential in realizing the success of your PLA ad campaigns.

Google Merchant Center

The next crucial component of your Google Shopping is the Merchant Center. As the name suggests, it is the place where you upload and store your product information. This center contains your product data such as the image, size, color, price, shipping, and so on. It has reporting and diagnostic capabilities that enhance your product ad listing. Also, it acts as the engine that gears your PLA ads on the Google Shopping on search results. It is the component that contains your product data feeds which you submit in your campaign creation stage.

Google Analytics

The last component of the Google Shopping is Google Analytics. This component enables you to track and access the performance of your website as well as your ad campaigns. The tool enables you to know the sources of your traffic, the conversion, bouncing, and cart abandonment rate. Also, you get essential information on which ad channels are leading to more conversions and sales. As a webpreneur, having information on the performance of your Google Shopping campaigns can help you make better decisions. It helps you to know whether the investment is worthy or not. Hence, it is a crucial element in this process.