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The internet is a great place to run a business. It will allow you to start without much capital. All you require is the online store to enhance your business growth. However, before you create the store, you need to have a plan. It will help you to know the best brand name to use.  The name will differentiate you from your competitors. Also, it will make it easier for customers to find your business. Because millions of retailers are running an e-commerce business, you might find it difficult to create a unique name.

Nevertheless, the task can be easy with a business name generator. It will help you to gather ideas on how to come up with a professional name. Let’s see the 4 generator tools that will make your brand name to stand out:

Shopify business name generator

The business name should be easy to pronounce and remember to allow the buyers to find you with ease. Shopify will help you with this. It uses the .com extension which is easy to type. With this business name generator, you will come up with a brand name quickly.  It is easy to use to allow you to enter a keyword and search. You will get a variety of suggestions for you to choose from.


If you don’t have an idea of the keywords to use, you need to consider Brandroot. It will give you suggestions according to industry category, trending names as well as random names. It will also allow you to use keywords and will provide only the professional names.

Brandroot is an excellent business name generator that will offer you with names that show you a font design. As you know, the brand name will represent your business. Hence, you need to make it professional and visible to drive traffic.

Bust a Name

Bust a Name will make you produce a quality business name. It has a variety of filtering tools to enable you to select a name that meets your business needs. You can use keywords and choose an option of where you want the keyword to be: either at the end or start. You can also filter by extensions or how natural you want your name to be.

Instant Domain Search

At times you may feel that you want to use your business name. However, you may have a fear that someone else might be using it. In this essence, you need to use Instant Domain Search as your business name generator. It will help you to know whether your brand name is in use. If it has someone else, it will provide suggestions. Also, it will let you know the names are on sale.