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Are you planning to launch an online store in Australia? If so, the first item you will need is an e-commerce platform. This platform allows you to create your store and provide you with features to operate it. As a newbie, getting the right platform can be a challenge.

Given that you’re in Australia, Shopify would be the best option. However, there’s no guarantee that having the best platform is a determiner of your success. For you to realize your goals, you must invest in online marketing. One approach to do this is by running a Google Shopping ad campaign. This campaign enables you to win top positions in the search results. With this, you are certain of more traffic and conversions in your store. Nevertheless, your e-commerce platform must support this marketing approach. Shopify is aware of this concept. Here is how it supports your Google Shopping ads campaign success:

Enables you to keep your product data synchronized

When running an ad campaign, you need to pay for what you sell. As you know, the pay-per-click approach means you pay the advertiser when a potential customer clicks your ads. With this aspect, you must keep your product information submitted to the Google Merchant Center updated. This way, you will avoid marketing empty shelves. You will stop the campaign when your stock runs out. Updating your information can be a hard tackle at times. However, Shopify solves this problem for you. The platform allows you to connect your inventory to the Google Merchant Center. This enables it to auto sync your product information. Hence, no time you will run campaigns with empty shelves.

Eases the process of creating a Google Shopping campaign

Creating a campaign is not an easy task. It can take you hours to prepare and submit the product data feed to Google Merchant Center. Shopify shortens your campaign creation journey. The platform helps you to create your campaign and set your budget in less than 5 minutes. Instead of preparing new data feed, Shopify utilizes the already available products information on your online store. Hence, you do not struggle to run a campaign and generate more returns on your investment.

Offer tools for assessing your campaign effectiveness

Shopify comes with the Google Analytical tool. This tool helps you to assess the performance of your ad campaigns. With it, you can determine whether your Google Shopping campaign is bearing more fruits or not. Hence, you can make wise decisions on your marketing plans.